This is an index of theories on potassium's affect on rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, and heart disease, copper’s affect on aneurisms, slipped discs, high cholesterol, and hemorrhoids, curing a tooth abscess, curing fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, plate tectonics, ocean trench formation, cause of lava flows, Permian to Cretaceous bone and soil evolution by termites, quasars, the cosmological red shift, gullies on Mars, fireproofing, and a proposal for a wide gauge railroad.


This is a portal to a procedure for acquiring a very comprehensive book about potassium nutrition and physiology called “POTASSIUM NUTRITION – in Heart Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Diabetes, and Metabolic Shock”. There is extensive discussion about how to cure or ameliorate those diseases, potassium in food, supplementation, and the physiology behind the cures and ameliorations.
Potassium nutrition, supplementation, food content tables, relation to arthritis, high blood pressure, body functions, hyperkalemia, and heart disease.

Potassium and vitamin B-1 in heart disease.
A discussion of the extremely dangerous interaction between potassium and vitamin B-1 (thiamin) and how it affects supplementation.

Potassium deficiency as a cause of rheumatoid arthritis.
A discussion that relates the low potassium always present during rheumatoid arthritis as a cause.
Potassium bicarbonate to cure gout.
A procedure to cure gout using potassium bicarbonate supplements.
Chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia.
A discussion of strategies to deal with Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or CFIDS) and fibromyalgia (ME).

Copper Nutrition
Copper deficiency may cause, slipped discs, aneurysms, hemorrhoids, emphysema, and gray hair.

Copper nutrition.
A discussion of how to avoid a copper deficiency and of the diseases a deficiency cause.

Tooth Abscess
Tooth abscess or infection cured by anacardic acids in cashew nuts.

Eletrolyte Regulation
Potassium and sodium are controlled by four steroid hormones.

The function of cortisol.
Cortisol probably evolved to mobilize the body’s immune system against intestinal diseases.

Fluoride in city water will cause fluorosis discoloration of teeth, weakened bones, damage to the kidneys and immune system, bone cancer and, worst of all, damage to the nerves resembling Alzheimer’s disease.


The Eve Controversy
The reason why the human race seems to be descended from a single couple.

Evolution of angiosperms
Did angiosperm plants evolve on the Ontong - Java plateau in Permian times?

Assymetric branches evolved from wind gusts.
Rhythmic oscillations from wind gusts cause assymetric branches to evolve.

Deciduous forests a result of glaze ice storm damage..
Glaze ice cause deciduous forests to prevail over evergreens. Rhythmic oscillations from wind accentuate the damage.

The Cretaceous termite and soil phosphorus
Sheet erosion of termite runways may have caused the decline of teeth and bone on the savannas by loss of soil phosphorus during the Cretaceous. There are links to ant predation of termites evolution and climate affects up to the Paleocene.


The cause of Pacific Ocean trenches
Trenches are caused by deep rupture of ocean floor by thermal shock.

The cause of mid ocean ridges
Ridges are caused by shouldering aside of basalt plates by basaltic wedges.

Crust disruption at the antipode (opposite side of a sphere) of a large meteorite strike.
The lava flows opposite large meteorite strikes are caused by them.

Did the woodroach cause the Triassic coal hiatus?
The symbiosis of cellulose digesting microbes with the roach may have enabled the worldwide loss of coal formation at the Permian's close.

Did the Termites Cause Laterites?
A high alkalinity in the midgut of humus eating termites may cause laterites and bauxites.


Cause of Quasars (QSOs)
Quasars’ characteristics are proposed as caused by gravitational lensing of the opposite jet by the huge mass inside the quasar.

Cosmological Red Shift
The cosmological red shift is proposed as a reduction in frequency by interaction with masses passed in space.

The Channels of Mars
Did rivers of silicone dust carve the channels of Mars?

It is proposed that the volcanoes on Mars were created by crust disruption at the opposite side of the planet from a meteorite strike.
Most of the huge meteorite strikes on the planets have large lava flows at the antipode (opposite side of a sphere). MISCELANEOUS

Wide Gauge Railroads
A wide gauge railroad would have considerably greater efficiency for piggy back operation and economy of scale for bulk cargo

Fire Proofing Wood and Shingles
Sodium silicate will fire proof wood inexpensively, Portland cement additive will fire proof asphalt shingles

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